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FMS File Catalog is a useful software for those who want to archive their DVD or CD collection. If you are an office administrator, then this is a really helpful tool.

Imagine having several piles of CDs or DVDs, and you need to look for a certain file. The normal way to do it would be to go through all the labels of the CD, then open them one by one to locate that particular file. That would be extremely tedious, and you'll be pulling your hair in no time.

The FMS File Catalog lets you do this in a portion of the time it would take you to complete this task.

How does it work exactly?

You'll just have to invest some time in "logging" the files onto the software. You need to scan all your CDs and DVDs, and the software will be able to record all the data in that particular CD or DVD. Once all your files have been scanned, then you will have a database that is quite easy to refer to, and files that are literally just a click away.

Your database of files will now be saved as XML files, or if you are more comfortable with other formats, you can also access it as an Excel file, as an HTML file, or even as a text file. It's really very convenient for you.

If you think that this is only helpful for office administrators, think again. If you have a wide range of musical interests, then you probably have piles of CDs stashed somewhere. Not to worry then. With the FMS File Catalog, it's quite easy to locate these mp3s, and you can listen to your favourite music, no matter how far back in the late 90s you enjoyed them.

Aside from CDs and DVDs, you can also create a collection for all your books. Just simply log the titles and you've got your virtual library right there. If you're the type who collects recipes, then go ahead and use this software to make it easier for you to find the recipe for that favourite dish.

The FMS File Catalog is also very user-friendly. You can format it in any way you wish to. You can rename categories or sub-categories. You can customize how you want to view your files, and you can arrange it in such a way that makes it easier to comprehend for you.

In other words, the FMS File Catalog is every OCD's dream come true. Image the possibilities of having this software at your disposal. You'll have your own internal Google right in your home or office.

If you are looking to purchase this software, you will find that it is quite reasonably-priced. For the convenience it can allot to your lifestyle or work, it will be worth it. In fact, if you look and search the internet, there will be coupons that can give you discounts when you purchase this software. Simply look for the right coupon and use it to purchase the FMS File Catalog.

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